ConsultingKids highlights

Linkedin Facebook Instagram Envelope In recent years, ConsultingKids has worked on 80 different issues worldwide. We have done this with around 4,000 children. Over the past four years, the Netherlands has welcomed new junior consultants, who have learned 20,000 skills together. We have received around 35,000 ideas from them. And we have translated this back … Read moreConsultingKids highlights

Kids generate ideas about the future of Eindhoven Airport

Linkedin Facebook Instagram Envelope Local residents, interest groups, entrepreneurs, airlines; they are all explicitly invited to think about the development of Eindhoven Airport. ConsultingKids has been asked to record children’s opinions and ideas and to translate them into professional advice. “Children feel free to say what they think, they actually always think out-of-the-box and therefore … Read moreKids generate ideas about the future of Eindhoven Airport