ConsultingKids advises on test case for the future of Eindhoven Airport

Former state secretary Pieter van Geel was appointed in 2018 to provide a prospect for the future of Eindhoven Airport by means of a test case. The reason for this is the expiry of the current license for civil co-use for the airport on 31 December 2019, as well as the expectation that Eindhoven Airport will reach the limit of the maximum permitted number of civil aircraft movements by the end of 2019.

The goal of the Test Case is to innovatively find t the best possible advice as a region through participation and consideration with stakeholders (local residents and social organizations, experts, companies and governments) with a view to appropriate weighing of the different interests. The goal is to transform Eindhoven Airport into a future-proof and sustainable airport.

The central research question of the Test Case is: What perspective on the future of Eindhoven Airport after 2019 are desirable and feasible? How do we achieve a good balance between economic growth and the burden on the living environment?

ConsultingKids collects refreshing ideas from children and translates them into usable input for the vision of Eindhoven Airport 2030. And thus makes a concrete contribution to the main product: a vision of the future of Eindhoven Airport. This vision also serves as input for the national aviation policy document.

Themes that ConsultingKids, among others, deal with in this project are governance, Social Return, Balance of economic growth & burden on living environment and participation. ConsultingKids translates these themes into a world that children also understand and offers the 4 classes in the region the opportunity to unleash their creative thinking on this complex adult issue.

And… while we work with the children, we provide children with methods and techniques from renowned consulting firms and from well-known management books that have been translated into their perceptions. In this way we teach children problem-solving skills that many of us only get to know later in our working life, but actually would like to know much earlier.

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