ConsultingKids highlights

In recent years, ConsultingKids has worked on 80 different issues worldwide. We have done this with around 4,000 children. Over the past four years, the Netherlands has welcomed new junior consultants, who have learned 20,000 skills together. We have received around 35,000 ideas from them.

And we have translated this back to 1,200 refreshing and inspiring solutions to these issues.

Naturally, each client has its own context. But in the meantime we have also collected good insights on a number of transcending themes. In the coming year we would like to share these ideas with you. The main goal is to do what we at ConsultingKids stand for: offering refreshing solutions to adult issues, while at the same time teaching children something. We believe that from sharing our knowledge and ideas, we make the Netherlands a little better and more fun and that we also do justice to the children who are now junior consultants of ConsultingKids, and their ideas, (even more)!

Parts of our highlights

In the coming year we will inspire you in a series of articles with the ideas of children and the advice we have given in recent years. We make a distinction between our clients in the public and private sectors. Also because we notice that both need reflection and inspiring ideas from children in different areas. The themes below are not exhaustive. Curious as to whether we have inspiring ideas for your issues? Contact Roos or Ilse.

Themes that we will be highlighting in the coming period

In the coming period, we would like to share a number of themes with you, about which we have received around 80+ issues worldwide over the past few years. And which we expect to be interesting and relevant for our clients in the coming years.

Themes within the public sector that you can expect

Good care in the neighborhood: how do we work integrally in the social domain in the field of poverty reduction, domestic violence, youth unemployment and parenthood?

Accessibility and quality of life: how do we keep the cities of the future accessible and how do we ensure quality of life in the neighborhoods (whereby we combine insights from the spatial and social domain)?Sustainability: climate adaptation and water management, how do we keep the Netherlands dry and make good use of our energy sources and prevent food waste?

Involving residents in policy and decision-making: how do we do this in areas such as environmental law, democracy and the social domain?

Collaboration internally and with partners: how do we organize governance, how do we work well together and what rules do we need?

Privacy and digital government: how do we implement the solutions that are available for employees and customers and ensure awareness of the opportunities and risks?

Themes in the private sector that you can expect

Forward-looking HR policy: how do we ensure that we retain and retain good staff in a tight labor market?

Support for the company’s strategy: how do we implement our organizational vision, so that it is clear to management and employees what is expected of them?
Transport of the future: what should the train of 2020 look like to meet travelers’ needs?

Do you have a theme or question that you would like to discuss with us? Let us know! We can then think along with you whether we already have inspiration for that from ConsultingKids, or whether we can help you generate it.

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