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But.. what are you actually doing?

Before kids start thinking about solutions for a complex question, we first have to understand it thoroughly ourselves. We alway start with a conversation with our client, so we can fully understand the question and its context.

We translate the essence of the question to match the experience of kids. Therefore we keep the description clear and fun, with beautiful illustrations. Gompies play a leading role; a kind of gnome that have a lot of adventures, but also have a problem that needs to be solved. The Gompies usually live in a forest, on a mountain, live in a city or have other adventures. Our client will receive our kids story, which is a translation of their question, so they can clearly discuss their question. In the classroom we teach kids problem solving skills, so by the end of the day they will be Junior Consultants.

We practice these skills with our story that is written based on the question of the client. All ideas of kids that we have will be analysed and transform them into professional perspectives. First, our team will start brainstorming (what are the kids actually saying?) After that we will write our advise based on these ideas.

We will present these professional advices, based on refreshing ideas of kids, to our client. Furthermore we will help you to get starten with it. After the project with ConsultingKids the client will go back to the classrooms to thank the new Junior Consultants for their important job, but also to tell them what happened with the ideas since the previous visit.

Why do clients choose ConsultingKids?

The ideas of kids are very inspiring, sometimes painfully honest, but it helps our clients almost every time to look at their challenge from a different perspective. We always show our clients all the input we receive from the kids and encourage them to visit while we are in the classroom; that’s where they hear firsthand what kids are thinking of their question.

For kids this emphasises the importance of the question they’re working on. In return, the kids are taught valuable skills on how to solve a problem in one day.

We transform the remarks and solutions of the kids into new and inspiring advise. The client prioritises this advise to indicate which they think is best to help them with the next step. If needed we keep helping them with these choices.

Working with ConsultingKids will make sure that the core of your question is described clearly, new out-of-the-box solutions are formulated and that surprising and charming questions are collected that will help you towards a solution.

Why do schools choose for ConsultingKids?

Schools are expected to teach 21st century skills more and more. We make the connection between current professional questions of businesses, governments and schools. On one hand we teach children the skills they need to solve problems, how to develop critical thinking and how to ask good questions. On the other hand we offer kids (and schools) the opportunity to work on ‘real’ questions and have an impact on this project. Our client receives all the ideas of the kids and will have a serious look at them. Both elements are mixed into a fun and refreshing teaching program with games, excercises, brainstorming and relaxation. A great experience for kids and a unique opportunity for schools to help in solving real problems. To keep it easy accessible, schools do not have to pay to participate.

Where are the schools located that you are working with?

We are working with primary schools throughout the  Netherlands and abroad. In 2018 we’ve worked in Zwolle, Oude Pekala, Den Helder, Utrecht, Twello, Breda en The Hague. But we’ve  also worked with schools in India, England, Nigeria, Uganda. We choose the schools after consulting our clients.  Sometimes a projet is linked to a specific location, sometimes we choose a mix of schools throughout the country or even abroad. Every school and classroom has its own character en by visiting several schools we receive a broad scope of ideas and perspectives. For every project we visit three schools on average. Depending on the question and requirements from our clients kids from a primary or high school are involved. If you are interested please check our schools section or contact us.

Do you only work on projects that directly involve kids?

Definetely not! Our experience is that kids can work on any project, no matter the complexity. Especially for issues that do not have a direct link with kids, it is even more important and valuable to involve kids: they have the creativity and fantasy to help complex issues with the next step. So if you have a question regarding the implementation of a new HR-strategy, the improvement of accessability, reducing water problems, reducing child poverty of something completely different. We would love to get the kids involved and they will ask honest questions and give you inspiration for refreshing and innovative solutions.

How do you pay the bills?

We work for clients in several sectors (private and public) that want a refreshing perspective on their challenges. After we defined the project with our client and how we will help them, we determine what they will have to pay for it. That amount consist of the bills we have to pay, but also the costs of education kids to become Junior Consultant. We find in important that as many schools as possible are able to participate. Because the costs of the education is paid by our clients, schools can participate for free.

Are you working abroad?

Yes, we are! In cooperation with local partners we work in Nigeria and Uganda. Sometimes projects from the Netherlands are also executed to enable an even broader social/cultural perspectieve. Additionaly we are exploring opportunities in other countries within Europe. (England and Switserland), and we have previously worked with schools in England and India.

How do you ensure privacy protection under the new GDPR?

We try to save as less information as possible of everybody so maximum privacy protection is guaranteed. The data that we do safe are situated at a safe environment where only the employees of ConsultingKids have access to. More informatie about our privacy protection can be found here.

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