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ConsultingKids in a nutshell

We involve kids in finding solutions for complex issues of businesses, governments and civil society. We do this because we are convinced that kids can help adults in solving these issues. Based on the ideas of kids we present the solutions to our clients to help them making the next step. How we do this and examples of our clients can be found here.

This is fun and important for kids because...

During our class we have two main topics; kids help us in with refreshing ideas and inspiration for complex issues, and we teach them the skill that are needed to solve problems in one day.

These problem solving skills are teached to the kids by a varying program. We do this using methods and techniques developed by leading consultancy firms and described in acclaimed management books, specially adapted by us for working this children. This way we teach children the problem solving skills we as adults all develop throughout our working careers but all wished we had learned much sooner in life…

At the end of the day the kids are promoted as Junior Consultant, a reward for all the hard work and a sign that their input is taken seriously.

In addition to learning these skills the kids wil also work on a (sometimes complex) question of our client. At first hand the kids don’t know yet that it is a question from a professional organization. We translate the essence of the question to match the experience of kids. Therefore we keep the description clear and fun, with beautiful illustrations. Gompiesplay a leading role; a kind of gnome that have a lot of adventures, but also have a problem that needs to be solved. The Gompiesusually live in a forest, on a mountain, live in a city or have other adventures. Our client will receive our kids story, which is a translation of their question, so they can clearly discuss their question. Eventually the kids will understand of which company the question is, but don’t be surprised to hear  them tell you stories about Gompies.

Why schools love to participate can be found here.

Impression of the books and theories that our working method is based on

This is what other teachers thought of our class

This is what other teachers thought of our class

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