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ConsultingKids in a nutshell

We involve kids in finding solutions for complex issues of businesses, governments and civil society. We do this because we are convinced that kids can help adults in solving these issues. Based on the ideas of kids we present the solutions to our clients to help them making the next step. How we do this and examples of our clients can be found here

Why your school wants to participate

Together with ConsultingKids classes work on the solution for complex questions of all kinds of organisations, both public and private. By doing so not only do they learn about these organisations, they also increase their problem solving skills. We teach the kids these skills with our program and they can apply them anywhere they want. These problem solving skills are based on theories of renowned consultancy firms and management books, such as Blue Ocean Strategy.

Kids learn professional skills and have a fun and educational day. We do this using methods and techniques developed by leading consultancy firms and described in acclaimed management books, specially adapted by us for working this children. We teach them:

  1. Probing deeper to find the root of the problem
  2. Working together & yes-ands
  3. Devising solutions from different perspectives
  4. Prioritizing & substantiating a point of view
  5. Evaluating & refining ideas

This way we teach children the problem solving skills we as adults all develop throughout our working careers but all wished we had learned much sooner in life…

It doesn’t end with our class. Not only do we take the ideas from kids seriously, our clients do that as well. After the project is finished, our client returns to the school, nog only to thank the kids, but also to let them know what happened with their ideas. 

Impression of the books and theories that our working method is based on

A couple of practical issues..

  • Our class is designed for kids aged 10 to 12 in their finals years of primary school and emphasizes ’21st century skills’.
  • The program will take approximately one entire day with your class. Before our visit we will discuss a couple of practical preparations with the teacher, like expectations, set up of the class room and the time table etc.
  • Participation for schools is for free.
  • At the start of the day our consultant will be there 30 minutes in advance for an introduction and a final preparation.
  • In addition to our consultant(s), sometimes our client will join us to have a look at the workshop.
  • The teacher doesn’t have to prepare anything for this day: we prepare and facilitate the entire day! The only thing we do ask you is to be present during the day: you will remain responsible for the kids and can help us keep them motivated and focused on the program.
  • During the day we will cover several methods, both in groups as individual exercises, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their own strengths.
  • The kids will work on a real life question, we will explain the details during our program!
  • We will make a couple of photo’s during the day to give our client an impression of the program. Of course we will handle these pictures with care; see our privacy statement for details.

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